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By | February 17, 2014

Houston, TX — 17/02/2013 — Love or Above takes a distinctive approach to personal growth based on the idea that every individual has an energy frequency or vibration, which influences the circumstances and events in one’s life. To attract abundance, happiness, and success in a person’s reality, the program advocates raising these vibrations to the ideal status.

Why are some people deemed lucky in their careers, finances, and relationships? They get the opportunities like job promotion and pay raise at work, develop a knack for saving and investing, have a loving family or partner, and are healthy? On the other hand, most people have their share of good and bad days worrying about money and yearning for the freedom to live the way they want to, not being able to connect with friends and colleagues, and facing health problems.

Intuitive healer and medium Christie Marie Sheldon, who is behind Love or Above, notes that high energetic frequency attracts self-confidence, wellbeing, and true friends while low energetic frequency draws negativity, illness, and wrong company. Thus, the program targets to raise personal vibrations.

A person’s energetic frequency can actually be measured on a vibration scale, with one being the lowest and characterized by someone unable to thrive and 1,000 the highest state attainable to humans that is the level of an enlightened master. Muscle testing and kinesiology are used by researchers to gauge the energy with the average level around 207 while the ideal is 500, the vibration of love and above.

The reasons behind the low energetic frequency, Sheldon cites, are the negative programming and previous experiences in life that lead to energetic blocks. Specializing in this field, she removes these blockages and raises vibrations using various mental and spiritual exercises called energetic tools.

Diverse techniques to rouse interest
Armed with an open mind and a goal to improve every aspect of life, anyone can enjoy Love or Above because it is easy to use and can be practiced at home. Only 30 minutes is needed either in the morning or before sleeping to go through the exercises and lectures at one’s own pace.

It consists of 12 powerful techniques to quickly shift energetic vibrations to higher levels starting with muscle testing, where a person can make the right decisions in life as it taps into a higher intelligence at a subtle level that is influenced by high energy.Then learn how to ask life-changing questions to attain new awareness and opportunities and move towards a life that one deserves.

Wisdom meditation links an individual to his infinite self to find answers, draw inspiration, and harness his potential. Another energetic tool connects a person to his guide thru meditation for spiritual support from a higher power to overcome present challenges and move towards a life of purpose.

Energy detox is necessary to clear up emotional scars and residual negative energy a person usually picks up day-to-day to maintain positive energy levels. Energy radar develops immunity from negative energies surrounding oneself by identifying the true source of the energy and releasing it.

Cord cutting meditation removes old, unresolved energy that does not serve one’s life purpose but are often present in families manifested as fear, anger, and worry. Vision board energizer will align higher vibrations with one’s visions in order to achieve the reality one chooses. The key to self-mastery helps a person get lucky all the time without relying on hit or miss chances and manifest desires faster.

Practice how to get into one’s heart space, a point of consciousness that brings peace and light, to effectively address life’s challenges. With blessing ball of light technique learn the art of giving by gathering all the goodness and projecting this vibration into the heart. Spiritual first aid for families heals wounds, creates stronger bonds, and deepens ties with loved ones.

Refreshing yet life-changing approach
To keep vibrations at Love or Above, the program also includes the light contract to declare one’s intentions, attitudes of gratitude journal for a 3-step guided action plan to double energetic frequency, truth detector to recognize one’s true intuition, fear buster for facing fear or anger, space cleanser to instantly suck out negative energy, and intuitive awareness questionnaire to distinguish the right answers.

Moreover, get in-depth insights from interviews with Sheldon and the Love or Above transcripts as bonuses when downloading the program. Upon visiting the official website you can try out the free 4-part Energetic Breakthrough Kit to get a feel of this unique approach to personal empowerment.

As a starter pack, it can help anyone take the first steps to attaining higher energetic frequencies by understanding the science behind personal vibrations and how these impact people’s lives. It even comes with the space cleanser technique, heart center awakening meditation, and muscle testing exercise.

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