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Mind power or brain power.

Best rules for success

There’s so much advice out there on how to be successful. One good rule of thumb is to look at the person who’s giving the advice. do you trust them? Do you aspire to be like them? If someone is successful (whatever that means to you) then it’s usually the case that you can learn… Read More »

How to build mental toughness

Get The Hinge on Amazon Transcript 0:03fear real or imagined can be crippling and everything that we want in life is 0:24on the other side of that fear our passion and our goals 0:43- my name is dr. rob bell sports psychology coach and mental toughness 0:47expert 0:49this is no fear simple guide to mental… Read More »

How to Bypass Resistance

You may have heard this quote from German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Here’s a variation on this idea that we can use for personal growth transitions: All growth passes through three stages. First, you’ll… Read More »

Trumpnosis – why Trump is the master hypnotist

World-renowned hypnotist Richard Barker advises that one should take a look at Mr Donald Trump himself if they want a master class in drawing in the crowds. Judy Kurtz, The Hill, writes that Barker coined the term ‘Trumpnosis’ for the GOP presidential front-runner engages in on the campaign trail. “Trumpnosis has been around for a very… Read More »

Change the way you feel – Tony Robbins

The way we feel has a massive impact on our lives. In this interview with Tony Robbins he explains how important it is to take charge of your feelings. A great line that he uses is ‘Emotion is created by motion – the way you move determines the way you feel‘. Understanding this can totally… Read More »

What is quantum jumping

Quantum Jumping is the process of “jumping” into parallel dimensions, and gaining skills, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself. This is accomplished not with any sort of equipment, but through a powerful & time-tested combination of meditation and visualization. The concept may sound hard to swallow at first, so here’s a video… Read More »