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Attract Self Fulfilment in Life with Love or Above

Houston, TX — 17/02/2013 — Love or Above takes a distinctive approach to personal growth based on the idea that every individual has an energy frequency or vibration, which influences the circumstances and events in one’s life. To attract abundance, happiness, and success in a person’s reality, the program advocates raising these vibrations to the ideal […]

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Overcoming Personal Limitations With Chakra Healing

Houston, TX — 07/10/2013 — Chakra Healing advocates living one’s life to the fullest and attaining anything a person ever hoped to achieve. It is about overcoming personal limitations by opening and strengthening the seven Chakras – the circular energy vortexes at the tail bone, lower abdomen, above the navel, center of the chest, throat, center of […]


Quantum Jumping – Championing Human Potential

Houston, TX — 02/17/2014 — Quantum Jumping champions the human potential by drawing wisdom, skills, and ideas that a person can use to create opportunities that are life-changing. Derived from yoga, quantum physics, psychology, and fengshui, the program imparts a practical process for personal growth by helping one make the leap and realize what he is […]

Easing Into Deeper Meditation Is Viable Anytime with OmHarmonics

Houston, TX — 06/14/2013 — OmHarmonics takes a person into deep meditation within minutes using binaural beats combined with heartbeat synchronization and ambient sounds. This brainwave technology helps an individual sustain the gains achieved with regular meditation and gives a big boost to one who is just starting to embrace the practice. There are some challenges […]

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