Easing Into Deeper Meditation Is Viable Anytime with OmHarmonics

By | June 14, 2013

Houston, TX — 06/14/2013 — OmHarmonics takes a person into deep meditation within minutes using binaural beats combined with heartbeat synchronization and ambient sounds. This brainwave technology helps an individual sustain the gains achieved with regular meditation and gives a big boost to one who is just starting to embrace the practice.

There are some challenges encountered by people who meditate. There’s the lack of focus, mental chatter, mental fatigue, pent up stress, restlessness, and stray thoughts. These distractions keep one from having a fulfilling, seamless, and tranquil meditation that takes away the pressure and stress of everyday life by rejuvenating the body and mind.

There have been various studies conducted on the many benefits of meditation to a person’s physical and mental health. It relaxes muscles and organs, clears the mind, leads to better health and promotes healthier habits, rewires the brain for better relationships, and improves sexual desire and performance.

Moreover, deep meditation done on a daily basis encourages creative ideas, steers one to get better connected to people around, supports a mindset of abundance that attracts wealth and success, and gives a deeper understanding of oneself and his unique purpose.

Hence, a person stands to gain a lot from meditating. It helps to bring one into a state of deeper meditation effortlessly, as in the push of a button, and quickly, like in just minutes, to attain its benefits.

Enter the zone and stay there
OmHarmonics presents a solution to individuals who are still struggling to stay in the Alpha level, which is the state usually associated with meditation. It is characterized by light sleep, meditation, and intuition. As a person meditates, his brain waves shift and enter a deeper level of consciousness. The OmHarmonics audio tracks make it possible to enter into an immersive meditative session even just over lunch break.

The meditation audios guide one into the Alpha level at different times and scenarios throughout the day and can be listened to in 30 minutes or 15 minutes, as each track is provided in these two versions. Get the flexibility to meditate at any time when schedule permits it.

One track titled The Awakening lets an individual reflect on his day to get him in the zone. It supports positive energy to keep a person going and attain laser-sharp intention for the day. The Focus is another audio that encourages clarity of objectives and sense of perspective to prioritize what needs to be done.

The Spark audio track gears a person to absorb new ideas and understand more concepts as well as bring out his creativity and the inspiration to resolve situations, while The Balance promotes calmness and relaxation as well as space and quietude to relieve oneself of the day’s stress and experience personal epiphanies.

With The Deep Rest to cap an eventful day, an individual can enjoy a deep, natural, and uninterrupted sleep allowing the body and mind to feel truly rested for the coming day.

Simple yet effective for every session
Suitable for people who are just discovering the advantages of meditation, those who haven’t tried it on a regular basis, or individuals who are targeting a new level in their practice, get into the optimal meditative zone and enter the Alpha level within minutes as OmHarmonics mind tunes accompanies one to a resistance-free session.

To get started, simply download the digital program and play it on the iPod, iPad, PC, smartphone, MP3 player, or other multimedia device. Plug in the headphones and let the blend of binaural beats, audible pulses, breathing sounds, and music take one on a good ride towards tranquility and deep relaxation.

Members also get instant access to its community of meditation enthusiasts from around the world who learn from each other’s experiences that they openly share. Likewise, being published by Mindvalley, it comes with superior customer support that is ready to lend a hand anytime.

Sign up at the official OmHarmonics homepage here and enjoy a free meditation track plus an advanced meditation video series from Mindvalley.

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