Law of Attraction: how to manifest what you want in life

By | June 2, 2015

Ever met someone who seemed to just attract everything they always wanted? They seem to breeze through life, bouncing along with ‘good luck’ showing up at all the right moments. In fact you’ve probably been frustrated as to why despite the fact that you’ve given law or attraction your best shot, that the results don’t seem to be materialising very quickly – or indeed at all.

Law of attraction states that you attract into your life what you think about most. And because we often go through our day on auto pilot, we don’t always realise what we’re attracting to us. In fact, everything in life begins as a thought. From the chair you sit on to that latest computer or mobile phone. That’s why you need to pay attention to what you’re thinking about and guide your thoughts to that which you want to create in your life. Better thoughts equal better results. As you’re utilizing the law of attraction every moment of your day, why not focus your thoughts on that which you would most like to achieve. After all, they’re literally shaping your life, right now.

A three step process

The process of manifesting what you desire can be broken down into three simple steps: ask, believe, and receive. So firstly you must ask for what you want and be very clear about it. If you keep changing your mind, this uncertainty will ensure that you will remain exactly where you are – and not where you want to be. Once you decide, stay with it until you’ve manifested it into your life.

If you’re having trouble with part two of these steps – belief – then it may be that what you’re asking for is something that you don’t believe you can have. Start with something small, make it easier for yourself to manifest and gain confidence that you can do this. When you start to gain small successes you will begin to trust that this is real – because you will have proved it to yourself. Take baby steps at first. And as you grow and experience for yourself you will realise the true potential that you are.

You will start to experience the reality of this when you believe and then open yourself up to receive what it is that you want. Let the universe it do its job and just be open to the fact that what you’ve asked for (or something better) will be attracting itself to you like a magnet.

By focusing on these three steps to attracting what you want, you will notice remarkable shifts, sometimes very quickly if you open yourself up to it. But you can also boost your results further with our 10 pointers to manifesting the life you want, and attracting the wealth, health and love that you desire. Here they are:

Decide precisely on what you want:

Yes, we’ve already covered this but it’s worth restating because it really is the biggest issue that people have and why they trip at the first hurdle. If you find yourself being indecisive on what you want, then don’t be surprised when nothing shows up.

Write your goals down – in detail.

This often brings clarity in what you want, and furthermore, it becomes more ‘real’ to your subconscious in understanding exactly what it is that you desire. We’re not necessarily talking about every minute detail, but it should be enough to give a sharp vision of exactly what the outcome is that you’re looking to achieve.

Create a vision board

Making it highly visual helps to add impact to your written goals, a fuller picture to help you see what it is that you’re aiming for and can keep you motivated and moving in the right direction. It helps to further bring your intentions to life and keep them at the forefront of your mind.

‘Feel’ the result

It’s about intensifying the senses, to help you get into the ‘feeling’ place of what it is like to have, be and do what you desire right now. Experience the pleasure and enjoyment of having what you want as though it has already happened. Practice creating the emotions you would feel such as happiness, joy, pleasure and pure satisfaction because you’ve already achieved your goal – and it feels great. Bask in this moment for as long as possible. And remember, the more intense the feeling, the more power it will give to your desire and the sooner it will come to you.

Let go

That’s right, release your desire into the universe and trust that it will do its work. Be confident that your subconscious mind will work for you in helping to bring your goals and desires into reality. By accepting and turning your goals over to the universe and just getting out of your own way, you will be moved towards the results that you’re looking for much faster.

Take inspired action

Be open to opportunities that come your way that will take you towards your goal, because they will start to materialise. If there are small actions you can take each day then great as this will help you to maintain momentum. However, don’t try to force this as it will lead to a great deal of frustration and anxiety. The action should feel relatively easy as though you’re in total flow.

Show gratitude

What are you grateful for? Write all of those things down, because by showing gratitude you are invoking a frequency that opens up the way to manifesting what you desire much faster. It is this frequency that is incredibly powerful. It goes back to putting yourself in the right feeling place to allow all the good things to flow effortlessly into your life without struggle or strain. And this is a truly beautiful thing to see and experience.

Avoid negative energy

Where you can try to shield yourself from the negative energy of others as it will zap your enthusiasm and make it more difficult to attain that frequency of pure joy and excitement in the belief that you’re moving towards your goals. Until you are experienced in manifesting what you want, you need to ensure you have as little detraction as possible as this will pull you off course.

Keep it secret

Following on from the previous point, the negativity of others can invade and trample on our desires and really hinder progress. If you’re around people that are intent on detracting from what you’re looking to achieve instead of supporting you in your efforts then this could make it harder for you to keep your focus. People also don’t like to see others change as it makes them feel uncomfortable or question their own life. This is why it’s actually better not to talk about what you’re currently doing – at least for now.

Enjoy the journey

Like everything in life it’s not just about reaching the destination but the journey that makes for interesting experiences, and this is very important! When you become comfortable with the whole process of manifesting you will recognise that there is a beauty in how your personal journey unfolds before you and you will marvel at it in amazement.