BBC Focus Magazine

Features on everyday science, the amazing breakthroughs affecting our future, new technologies and space exploration
Contributions from leading academics and popular scientists
A distinctive and entertaining perspective on the fast-moving world of science
PLUS, we answer intriguing questions such as can you absorb vitamin D from a window AND why can’t cats drink milk?


Fate and Fortune magazine

Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune magazine is the mystic magazine that gives you more. In every issue you will enjoy lots of spooky and psychic true life stories, advice from the UK’s top psychics and mediums including Sally Morgan, Derek Acorah and Gordon Smith, in-depth Stars from world-renowned Astrologer Justin Toper, tried and tested psychics and ghost hunts, plus angel workshops, past lives, crystal healing and more!

Fortean Times

From monthly subscriptions to special books. For over 35 years Fortean Times has been chronicling the stranger side of life, delivering a mix of weird world news, up-to-date reports and features on every aspect of the unexplained: myths, monsters, ghosts, UFOs and conspiracy theories.


Mindfulness: Boost Your Energy Naturally

Contemporary life has undeniably become stressful and demanding, and as a consequence, many of us have come to accept that life is simply an exhausting business. But that is just not true. Healthy, smooth-flowing, balanced energy levels are attainable. When we’re filled with a sense of emotional, mental and physical vitality, life flows so much more positively.

Psychic News

Psychic News has been the leading publication covering Spiritualism, mediumship, healing and psychic science since it was established in 1932.

Soul & Spirit

Spiritual life-coaching magazine to boost love, career, success and happiness.Covering angels, crystals, psychology, feng shui, dreams, divination, psychic advice and astro predictions for your month ahead. Plus meditations, affirmations, retreats, fantastic competitions and yoga poses to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, relationships and your destiny.

Spirit and Destiny magazine

Bring a little magic into your life with Spirit & Destiny magazine. Packed full of amazing features on feng shui, magic and psychic matters, along with the latest news on holistic health and fitness, Spirit & Destiny magazine will help you free your mind, body and soul.

Spirituality & Health

We cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of health and spirituality, which can include faith, Eastern philosophy, meditation, and mainstream religion; nutrition, wellness, yoga, and holistic medicine; creativity, the inner life, social justice, and issues of conscience; and public health, the human body, and the environment.