Overcoming Personal Limitations With Chakra Healing

By | February 17, 2014

Houston, TX — 07/10/2013 — Chakra Healing advocates living one’s life to the fullest and attaining anything a person ever hoped to achieve. It is about overcoming personal limitations by opening and strengthening the seven Chakras – the circular energy vortexes at the tail bone, lower abdomen, above the navel, center of the chest, throat, center of the forehead, and crown of the head.

Each Chakra embodies a particular aspect in a person’s life. The first influences career, finances, and sense of belonging epitomized in individuals who are top performers and have rewarding jobs. The second is the energy center of sexuality and pleasure for passionate love-making while the third is one’s personal power and ability to channel characterized by confidence even amidst adversities.

The fourth Chakra controls love, relationships, and self-acceptance for better bonds with family, partners, and other people. The fifth is a person’s true voice and influences self-expression while the sixth is one’s inner compass and controls intuition. The seventh affects an individual’s divine consciousness that deals with connections to a higher power.

Offering a fresh perspective in personal development and realization of full potential, Chakra Healing presents a different way of conquering physical or mental limitations that hinder an optimal life.

A blend of the old and new
Developed by Master Energy Therapist Carol Tuttle, the complete home training course teaches exercises and techniques to tap into and empower the seven Chakras to break personal barriers. This energy healing method originated from Hinduism and Buddhism during the time of the Vedas – the four holy books Hindus believe emerged sometime in the 1500 to 1200 B.C.

The program follows a structured training curriculum divided into seven parts to focus on each Chakra and allow a person to master it at his own pace. This is taught on a conscious and subconscious level using experiential training and offers quick, practical daily tools to help one easily weave it into his schedule. In addition, learn all these by watching the training videos or reading the manuals or both.

The course puts a high value on personalization allowing individuals to practice Chakra Healing thru various modern and traditional modalities that suit one’s needs. It contains a proprietary set of meditation exercises and different guided visualization exercises to unblock each Chakra from a subconscious level.

It also employs Rapid Eye Technology to identify and remove fears that cause anxiety, stress, and unwanted emotions, and Emotional Freedom Techniques to eradicate unresolved traumatic memories that holds a person back. Reframing the mind’s perception to positively benefit the present reality can also help address emotional blockages interfering with the Chakras.

Breathing techniques are likewise used to enter a state of mind conducive to connecting with the higher self and opening the Chakras. Another modality found in the program is affirmations or chanting to reinforce an idea or desire in the subconscious mind.

An energy force to reckon with
Intaking the course, Chakra Healing begins with an introduction to Chakra, its significance and history as well as the onset of imbalances. Tuttle also shares her personal story. The modules include the little-known Foot Chakra or Chakra 0 that sets a person on his true path in life, and the Root Chakra to be true to oneself and create a life of joy and abundance.

There are also modules on the Sacral Chakra for improved sexual well-being and creative inspiration, the Personal Power Chakra to increase one’s desire to please others by developing confidence and charisma, the Heart Chakra that teaches a person to let go and enhance relationships with others, the Intuitive Chakra to remove self-doubt and find one’s inner wisdom, and the Crown Chakra that connects one to a personal spirit to lead a life full of gratitude.

The course has free inclusions namely the Chakra Threading Exercise, Creating a Powerful Life Transformation, The Cross Crawl, Energy Cleanser, Loving Your True Self, and Three Thumps Technique.

If a person is unsure of what he wants and his convictions in life the Foot Chakra is weak, while one who never seems to have enough money may find the Root Chakra closed. When there’s no inclination for sex the Sacral Chakra is blocked, but when troubled by low self-esteem and uncertainty in making important decisions the Personal Power Chakra needs strengthening.

People struggling with commitments and relationships should open their Heart Chakra, and those who feel their opinions do not matter ought to work on their Throat Chakra. Indecisiveness and lack of confidence in making judgement calls can be addressed by the Intuitive Chakra, and never feel alone or unworthy of spiritual help by opening the Crown Chakra.

When any of these exists in one’s life, overcome them by taking the first step to Chakra Healing. Visit the official page here for more information.

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