Louise Hay Affirmations

Louise Hay has been a great influence in our life from her books and teachings. Such love, warmth and compassion – as well as wisdom. Below are a number of her affirmations. These are reproduced courtesy of Hay House – you can find all of them on her website here .

Manifesting what you want in life

Train Your Mind To Manifest Anything! – John Kehoe In this audio John Kehoe is explaining how to harness the power of your mind as well as how to manifest anything you want in life through reprograming your … So you want to manifest? Well the process is really simple! Here it is: Step 1:… Read More »

How to unleash your mind power

The Amazing Power of Your Mind – A MUST SEE! With nearly 60000 thoughts per day, you’re bound to have plenty of negative ones, right? What you may not realize is the power you hold when it comes to the anxious thoughts and feelings… What you need to know about HUMAN ENERGY and the POWER… Read More »

Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman

Quantum Jumping, uses unique guided imagery, deep meditation and years of study to train you to tap into the power of advanced dimensions of your mind – to accomplish things you once thought impossible. (Over 63,000 students can’t be wrong) Inside you will find: A collection of powerful and easy-to-use Alpha exercises designed to guide… Read More »

How to Fall Asleep In Less Than 30 Seconds

Does it take you a while to fall asleep at night? Do you find your mind dwelling on various thoughts before you’re able to finally drift off and relax into sleep? Do you find that you just aren’t sleepy enough when it’s time for bed? Realize that if it takes you 15 minutes on average… Read More »

Patterns of Success

People usually succeed in the long run. This is the pattern I see in my long-term readers. They may take a while to get moving on their goals at first. They may endure some false starts and setbacks. They may procrastinate now and then. But if a goal is important to them, such as creating… Read More »

Dissolving Limiting Beliefs

As one of our final stops before we do the passive income walkthrough, I want to address limiting beliefs, which could seriously hold you back from achieving your goals if we don’t take steps to address them. Types of Limiting Beliefs Limiting beliefs come in a variety of forms. Here are some of the most… Read More »

Earning $10,000 per Month

For the upcoming Conscious Life Workshop, the key goal is to help you achieve a sustainable income of $10,000 per month (or more) AND do work you enjoy AND enjoy plenty of lifestyle freedom. Some people wonder about this $10K per month figure. How could it be possible for them, especially when no one in… Read More »