Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman

By | July 16, 2017

Quantum Jumping, uses unique guided imagery, deep meditation and years of study to train you to tap into the power of advanced dimensions of your mind – to accomplish things you once thought impossible. (Over 63,000 students can’t be wrong)

Inside you will find:

  • A collection of powerful and easy-to-use Alpha exercises designed to guide you into a deeper state of mind, so you can effortlessly communicate with your alternate selves. This is the core of the Quantum Jumping experience.
  • Eye-opening lessons for a better understanding of the concepts behind Quantum Jumping, so you can fully immerse yourself into your practice, and enjoy better results.
  • Powerful meditative techniques to amplify your Alpha Exercises. These will help you experience more vivid and controllable Quantum Jumps that better serve the area of your life you want to improve.
  • Fascinating case studies that will help you understand the limitless possibilities of Quantum Jumping, and give you ideas for new ways to use it in your own life.

And much, much more



Your journey into the world of Quantum Jumping, parallel universes and twin-selves begins here. The essential starting point, this module will expand your mind with the concepts, history, and philosophy behind Quantum Jumping. You will also experience your first jump and see just how easy it is to meet your doppelgänger.


Abundance is present all throughout the universe – the only problem is many of us feel guilty asking for it. I did too, until I realized that abundance, along with material possessions like money or wealth, can manifest in many other exciting and incredible ways. It gives you and your family the life you deserve whilst having a steady stream of income that allows your creative soul to flourish.

This module will aim to create the freedom and space to do what you want to do, while giving back to the community you love.


I need you to know this – age is merely a number. In my 80’s I became an entrepreneur and created my own business, I made my first music CD, moved to a bigger home, learned to play the piano and even became a featured artist and photographer.

Health is just an extension of your belief system, the same as aging. In this chapter I will show you how to extend your energy and lifespan while slowing down your aging, so you can make these next decades the most exciting yet. If you are suffering from an illness, this chapter will give you some tips and techniques to accelerate your body’s natural healing process.


It’s never too late for romance or mind-blowing passion – I am getting married for the second time after my wife passed away. If I can create a healthy relationship in my late 80’s, then you can too!

Deep down all of us have a Casanova or a gorgeous seductress waiting to get out, it’s just the boxed-in thinking that holds it back, in this chapter you will learn to open up your heart to not just be attractive and charismatic, but be the kind of lover that your spouse deserves. Love is as vital to our soul as water is to our body, the problem is most of us are too scared to bring it out. Here I will show you step by step how to mold yourself into a dream lover.


In my time I have travelled the world and lectured to crowds of thousands of people, and one thing I’ve noticed is the type of people drawn to Quantum Jumping all have a common definition of success – to have the income and the freedom to give back to the people and community they love, and to pursue creative endeavors, which could be anything from wanting to play music, to writing a book or starting your own business. Put simply, success is the combination of freedom and the ability to express your creativity while contributing back to the world.

We all have a different definition of success. This part of the program has been designed to teach you how to reach your full potential no matter how YOU define it.


You’re personal space – your home, your office, your car – are important, but a lot of us get too caught up setting goals in our careers rather than at home. You know those sitcoms with the picture perfect families; the wife is madly devoted; the husband is always charismatic and witty, while the kids are cute and curious? Well, it’s not how most of us see our personal space, but you can achieve the Brady Bunch-like existence if you so desire.

This chapter will teach you how to create a sense of harmony and belonging in your family dynamics, and will help you realize that you have more influence over behavioral patterns in your home than you think –but it all starts with changing yourself through this Quantum Jump.


If you’re anything like the 40,000 who practice Quantum Jumping, you know that there is a deeper level to your spirituality than what you’re currently experiencing. Wayyyy deeper. The profound guided visualization you will experience in this chapter will open up levels of spirituality that you can’t access through meditation alone.

I’ve spent the best part of over 50 years studying everything I can – feng shui, creative visualization, guided meditation, reiki – I was even America’s #1 instructor for the Silva Method. Quantum Jumping is a powerful combo of all these techniques, designed to open you at your core and connect with your inner self. After just a few weeks of study you will feel more connected to the rest of humanity, your intuition will sharpen, you will feel peace and calmness and hold no fear of death. The answer lies in keeping an open mind. The answer lies in keeping an open mind and throwing off the dumb rules that society and dogma brainwash us into.


We are all souls experiencing existence, yet we get held back by the silly societal rules that stop us from experiencing what life really has to offer – love, travel, excitement, laughter, passion and adventure. In this Quantum Jump you will not just amplify your sense of adventure, but I will take you through a journey where you will visualize all the things you want to sense before you die.

Many people have told me that by using this Quantum Jump they find that interesting opportunities and adventures appear as if by magic – but why keep it all for yourself? They say sharing is caring, so this jump will not just bring excitement into your life, but will also show you how to infect everyone you touch with a sense of adventure too.


This is where everything comes together, where you transcend who you are and reach the next plain of human development. The time where you weigh the sum total of your doppelganger experiences – the lover you, the parent you, the adventurous you, the healthy, successful or spiritual you.

I can promise you that after just one month of committing just 15 minutes a day to Quantum Jumping, your friends and family will approach you and tell you there’s been a change; that they like the new you. If this can be achieved after just 30 days, just imagine what your life will be like in a year from now. I’ve seen many people experience rapid transformation when people integrate their Quantum Jumping, and I can’t wait to hear yours.

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