Quantum Jumping – Championing Human Potential

By | February 17, 2014

Houston, TX — 02/17/2014 — Quantum Jumping champions the human potential by drawing wisdom, skills, and ideas that a person can use to create opportunities that are life-changing. Derived from yoga, quantum physics, psychology, and fengshui, the program imparts a practical process for personal growth by helping one make the leap and realize what he is capable of.

At some point in time, people find themselves asking what if they did this or do that.. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the answers? Think of parallel dimensions where there is another version of a person who has made different decisions in life. Anyone would be curious to find out how his alternate version ended up successful and to learn from his experiences, knowledge, methods, and ways.

The mental practices and spiritual teachings in Quantum Jumping takes a person to these alternate universes to encounter his or her other versions using a combination of highly advanced creative visualization technique and meditation that helps one through the Alpha level which is the relaxed state of the mind.

The program is open to everyone but there are two minimum requirements. One must have an open mind and the power of intent. Armed with these, a person stands nothing to lose but a lot to gain by simply trying it out.

At the moment, there is a free online training that shows how to use this technique and how it works, what Nobel Prize winners, quantum physicists, and professors say about it, the possibility of instantly learning new skills, dramatically improving wealth, and living a long, healthy life by avoiding illness, and the hidden outcomes behind choices that were not taken as well as the consequences of one’s actions.

Turning limitless possibilities into positive realities
Developed by Burt Goldman, who is known as the American Monk, Quantum Jumping has reached 40,000 people from 72 countries who use it for various purposes. Its personal development principles combined with theory of alternate universes bring out one’s creativity to use his talents and even resolve problematic situations as well as improve his relationship with the people around him.

Moreover, it enables a person to learn a new skill quickly be it speaking another language or playing a musical instrument, perform better at one’s chosen career and boost wealth, stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

It essentially espouses tapping the power of the subconscious mind to jump into alternative universes and see one’s alternate version that possess the abilities and life one aspires to achieve. It encourages a person to understand his past, make the most out of his day, take control of his future, come up with better decisions, and ultimately maximize his full potential.

Quantum Jumping is simple to learn as it guides a person through every technique from beginner level visualizations to highly advanced exercises. It teaches the principles and history behind each technique and shares inspiring feats plus tools to enable a person to make his own success story.

Upon downloading or purchasing the course, a person would get a collection of easy-to-use Alpha exercises that will take one into a deeper state of mind so he can connect with his alternate self, lessons on Quantum Jumping and its concept, meditative techniques to amplify the Alpha exercises, and case studies to show the limitless possibilities and new ways to use it in one’s life.

The chapters begin with an introduction into the quantum mind sequence then move on to jumping into abundance, ideal health, healthy relationships, success, a happy home, a spiritual connection, and adventure until it concludes with the doppelganger integration. Each module has lecture tracks and meditation training tracks.

Worth over 30 decades of research, including learning from Indian swamis, mystical Hawaiian Kahuna’s and other transformational people as well as the greats like Jose Silva and Yogananda, the program presents an effective personal growth technique that can be done even for a couple of minutes a day.

If you want to learn more about this product, sign up for the free online training course at the official Quantum Jumping homepage here.

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