What is quantum jumping

By | January 12, 2014

Quantum Jumping is the process of “jumping” into parallel dimensions, and gaining skills, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself.

This is accomplished not with any sort of equipment, but through a powerful & time-tested combination of meditation and visualization.

The concept may sound hard to swallow at first, so here’s a video to explain what quantum jumping is all about:

Transcript Burt Goldman explaining what is quantum jumping

0:00 hi my name is Burt Goldman
0:03 and let me ask you something when you were a child
0:07 what sort of fantastic dreams did you have
0:11 you did you wanna be a planet hopping Astra
0:15 a brilliant scientist who discovers a cure for cancer
0:20 maybe a record-breaking athlete with the cabinet above
0:24 Olympic medals a billionaire entrepreneur with a mansion on every
0:29 continent
0:31 well what happened to those streams I’ll tell you what happened
0:36 you grew up you started living in the real world
0:41 your teachers told you to stop daydreaming your parents soldier to be
0:45 realistic get a steady job in a mortgage
0:49 before you knew it third
0:52 childhood dreams it vanished into thin air
0:55 but what if and
0:58 what it’s somewhere out there in an
1:02 alternate universe there’s a you
1:05 good turned all those dreams into reality on
1:08 scientists like Stephen Hawking in Albert Einstein have long speculated on
1:14 the existence
1:15 love alternate universes so imagine that somewhere out there
1:21 these alternate universes his aversion to view
1:25 for everything you ever wished you could be
1:29 aversion love you as a billionaire
1:33 version perhaps as a celebrity
1:36 a full and triplets an inventor
1:40 you now imagine there was a way you could
1:43 tap into these alternate universes
1:46 and connect with alternate versions abuse cells
1:50 what if you could meet the successful you and learn from that
1:55 success how to boost your wealth and career
1:59 even if you’ve been stuck in a rut for years
2:02 what if you could talk to the athletic you find out how to get that fits sexy
2:07 body you’ve always wanted
2:09 even if you’ve never been able to shake off those extra pounds
2:13 or what if you could meet the Casa noble you
2:17 figure out how to attract you dream partner
2:21 even though you’ve never had much luck in love how would your life
2:26 change if you could do this hold on a second
2:30 I with this even be possible let me tell you something
2:35 I’m 84 years old and over the past few years
2:39 just before my eightieth birthday I’ve taught myself to be
2:44 painted hundreds of campuses I got my work featured in museums across the
2:49 world
2:50 I’ve taught myself photography pioneered a new photography style
2:54 I call Miraj photography I got my work featured in multiple galleries
2:59 I written books multiple books including the best-selling Silva mind control
3:04 method have mental dynamics
3:06 with mind empowerment pioneer Jose Silva
3:09 sold over a million copies and I did all this
3:13 with no prior knowledge have any of the subjects
3:17 in just a few years how that a man my age accomplish things
3:22 some people spend their entire lives chasing
3:25 by secret might surprise you see
3:28 I spent decades of my life studying feels like
3:33 hypnosis yoga meditation remote viewing
3:36 I studied under some love the world’s greatest mind empowerment masters
3:41 like the great yogi paramount sealed month
3:44 and Jose Silva the man who brought meditation to the west
3:48 in this time I’ve discovered amazing things about the human mind
3:54 things that could change your life like they did mine
3:57 so welcome to the world of Quantum Jumping
4:02 Quantum Jumping is an advanced mental visualization techniques like no other
4:08 its unique how does it work using a step-by-step
4:13 visualization process you picture yourself jumping into an alternate
4:18 jurors
4:19 and gaining skills wisdom
4:22 and experiences from alternate versions love yourself
4:26 you bring back the rhythm that alternate version
4:30 all of which can help you go further in your career
4:33 make more money learn new skills
4:36 improve your health and relationships and yes
4:40 even realize those childhood dreams
4:44 Quantum Jumping is the gateway to the
4:47 ultimate you think a bit like creative visualization
4:51 but much more vivid transformational
4:55 now a lot of people ask me whether it’s really possible to jump into alternate
5:01 universes with this year
5:03 power of their mind well let me put it this way
5:06 when you quantum Joe what you doing is
5:10 visualizing meeting alternate versions that yourself
5:14 you’re using that daydreaming mechanism doing this
5:18 helps expand your possibility filter
5:21 which is the sub-conscious blocking your mind that stop you from doing
5:26 stops you from achieving in being more than
5:29 than you are if you sometimes struggle to rise above your circumstances
5:35 if you can’t fathom how you going to turn your annual income
5:39 into your monthly income if you just can’t imagine yourself achieving your
5:44 lofty is goals
5:46 traveling to the most exotic places meeting the most inspiring people in
5:51 going
5:51 from your current reality to your ultimate reality
5:55 well Quantum Jumping actually helps you to tap
6:00 into your natural intuition
6:04 in creativity and shift your reality in the process
6:08 quantum jumping is what you make of it and most importantly
6:13 it works now I can’t explain
6:16 exactly why it works I don’t fully understand
6:21 how such vivid ideas inspiration and knowledge can enter a person’s mind
6:26 when the quantum jump but as 40,000
6:30 Quantum Jumping students will attest it does
6:34 and it creates incredible results I spent decades
6:39 perfecting the Quantum Jumping process since revealing it to the world back in
6:45 December of 2009
6:47 adult a somewhat thriving global community around
6:52 I posted Quantum Jumping events across the United States
6:56 I produce multiple quantum jump in home training programs
7:00 today wanna share Quantum Jumping
7:05 with you I’d like to invite you
7:08 to experience Quantum Jumping for yourself
7:11 so in my next video going to take you through an actual
7:15 Quantum Jumping visualization exercise
7:19 in this exercise I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process
7:24 for entering and alternate universe meeting
7:28 you’re all clean itself your twin self
7:32 and breaking free from an element to be a past
7:36 like a belief or subconscious block
7:40 breaking three from the things that are holding you back in the present
7:45 you’ve never experienced anything quite like this
7:49 all you need is a computer repair speakers and an open mind
7:54 if you’d like to be a part of this exercise if you’d like to experience
7:58 but I believe is one of the most astonishingly
8:02 powerful visualization techniques
8:05 ever created join me and discovering
8:09 the ultimate you just RSVP in the box below to join me
8:15 for the three Quantum Jumping visualization
8:18 the exercise session while you’re doing that
8:22 think about this for a second if you could connect with an alternate version
8:26 of yourself
8:27 living your childhood dreams at this very moment
8:31 what’s the one question did ask him
8:34 or think about that
8:37 this is brutal thank you watching
8:41 and I’ll see you at this section