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How to appreciate the present

It’s very easy to get completely caught up in planning for the future, that we often forget to take the time to appreciate the wonderful things happening in our daily lives. In today’s video, I’ll share my strategies for appreciating the present moment. [Free Guide] Discover How to Live Your True Purpose “Start each morning […]

Tips to Structure Your Day

Here’s some ideas and tips to help you structure your day to be more productive and successful. 1. Plan Your Day The Night Before Every minute spent in planning spends 10 minutes in execution. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down everything that you need to do the coming day. If for […]

How to overcome limiting beliefs

“There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life, except the limits you accept in your own mind.” Brian Tracy Identify the one limiting factor that is stopping you from achieving your goal, or getting there faster. How can you eliminate this limiting factor? Develop an unshakable self confidence. You need to develop […]

3 Words That Can Change Your Life Forever

Words can really change your brain. That’s why you need to think about the words you use. They will change the way to think and approach a problem. The attitude you take greatly influences the results that you’re likely to get. Problem should be changed to situation, which is a neutral word. Or you could […]

3 Key Goals to Keep Your Life in Balance

Your goals must stay in harmony and your life must stay in balance. Set: Business career and financial goals – the what goals Personal, family and health goals – the why goals Professional goals and personal development goals – the how goals Don’t lose sight of your why goals. Listen to the video to find out […]

How to build a great business by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy gives some great business advice with insights into the importance of the mind and how it can influence success. Straightforward and to the point, Brian has worked with many businesses and here he distils what he’s learnt after many years of experience. You can find out more about Brian in his biography below […]

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