What are affirmations?

By | January 17, 2016

Affirmations are phrases or a sentence that you repeat, influencing the conscious and the subconscious mind. It’s something that we naturally do all the time. It’s highly probable that you’re affirming a belief to yourself as you read this. It can be used for positive impact or negative which is why we need to be mindful of what we are saying to ourselves because done in the right way, affirmations can catapult you towards your goals.

When we say the affirmation, every word automatically and involuntarily brings forth mental images in our mind. These mental images are very important as they extremely powerful. And when we repeat them over and over again they become more ingrained in our being, influencing how we behave, the habits we maintain and both our actions and reactions to the environment around us.

Affirmations have many benefits, as they can:

  • keep us focused on our goal
  • maintain motivation by visualising our end point
  • tap into the power of the subconscious mind
  • make us feel energised, and so we’re more likely to take action
  • keep us open to opportunities that will move us closer to our goal
  • change our behaviour and open up relationships with people that can help us attain our vision

Here are some examples of the possible affirmations; see if any resonate with you. You can always come up with your own:

Happiness affirmations:
I can find plenty to be happy about in my life
I deserve to be happy
Happiness is a natural part of my being
I am growing happier day by day

Relationship affirmations:
My relationship with myself and others is growing stronger day-by-day
I attract like-minded others with a kindred spirit
I have a deep respect for myself and others
I communicate my needs and wants clearly in a calm manner

Success affirmations:
Success flows into my life effortlessly
Opportunities to achieve my goals are all around me
Success is everywhere
I deserve to be successful and enjoy the good fortune that comes to me
I love to share my success with others

Health affirmations:
Each day my health is improving
Every cell of my body is healing and energised
I feel calm and relaxed and this resonates through every cell of my body
By body is growing stronger and stronger

Money affirmations:
Money flows into my life easily and effortlessly
I attract good fortune all the time
There are so many opportunities to make more money
Money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows from ideas of value

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